I wanted to give you a heads up that we are about HALFWAY THROUGH this sale and we do NOT want to miss the few of you that need to be in our office!

So I want to call you out and give you those few reasons to take advantage of the sale and start with us now.

1. Without Your Health, You Have Nothing

When your health, independence, and mobility begin to decline – you start missing out on activities that you love.

Currently suffering from a problem?

It’s very easy to say to you yourself…. “I’ll just wait until these trips are over.”

Or –  “I’ll get started when I have more time…”

Or “I’ve got so many other expenses right now, so my health can wait…”

Nothing should EVER come between you and your health.

Because if you wait, or ignore it, you risk either losing it forever. or spending a lot of time and money to get it back.

Whether it’s improving your hip strength so you can balance better, or finally addressing that nagging back problem that locks up on you 2-3 times a year… We’ve got some amazing specials and huge savings that will make it easy for you NOT to have to wait any longer. NOW is the time to address your health.

2. Recession-Proof Your Health

It may seem counterintuitive to spend money on your health given the economic state right now….

But I say it’s more important than ever!

Here’s why….

Medicare and other health insurance companies have cut their reimbursements for this year- and it’s only a matter of time before they do it again.

Why should you care?

Because it means the QUALITY of your health care at traditional, insurance based clinics is going to go down.

Providers are going to get paid LESS to take care of you, which means the quality of your care WILL SUFFER just to “keep their lights on.”

Plus- all other costs associated with taking care of you (rent, labor, utilities) continue to go up- creating an even bigger squeeze on their ability to focus on what’s more important- YOU.

By investing in your own health – you put the power back into your hands – and are more likely to avoid expensive and unnecessary procedures or surgery.

AND NOW IS THE BEST TIME WITH US while it’s on sale 🙂

3. Use your HSA or FSA money!

It’s partway through the year, and you may not have TOUCHED your FSA or HSA accounts!

Well, good news…. You can use your accounts toward our packages!  These plans help you reduce your pains, get better with your activities, prep for the future, and more (whatever outcomes you really want!)

4. Things are best dealt with NOW. PERIOD.

How many of you know people who had surgery and were so mad they did it?  Or were so mad that they let it get that bad in the first place?  …….or is that you?

When aches, pains, limitations, problems are allowed to run their course- not only do they get worse, they tend to lead to other compensatory behaviors and problems that THEN become major surgical problems.

I HATE to see people get to that point- one of our core values is to do whatever alternative care is possible to avoid more injections, surgeries, and major interventions.

So if you have several things you are worried about, I promise you NOW IS THE TIME TO DEAL WITH IT. And I’m sorry to be harsh about it- but there really is no getting around that point.