I want to make a special announcement today: I want you to joint me in a challenge.

This challenge is based on challenging the idea that as we get older, we have to stop doing things that we enjoy because we “can’t anymore.”

Well I say this is an utterly incorrect concept.

What if we thought about it this way- rather than we HAVE to stop doing things because we age, we thought about it in these terms: we STOP DOING THINGS and this leads to us being “older” and “aged” and unable to do our favorite activities.

We all know 95 year olds who still go to the store, meet friends for card games, take walks in the neighborhood, even go to the gym.  So why are they different?

Older man lifting a heavier weighted dumbbell

What makes some people different….

I think the major overlying theme for these individuals is: THEY NEVER STOPPED doing what they enjoyed and they NEVER HAD TO STOP because of that dedication.

Picture this: you walk around your block every-single-morning. When would be the day that you couldn’t?

Now, I am oversimplifying this. Of course major diseases, dementias, strokes, and other changes can lead to us having to stop activities. I think this is the exception rather than the rule, however.


Think about what you would like to do when you are 75, 80, 95. Swing a golf club at the range? Walk through your neighborhood?  Do 10 push ups? (Do a handstand?)

I challenge you to CHOOSE an activity and commit to doing in EVERY SINGLE DAY, NO EXCEPTIONS. Hold yourself accountable to your 80 year old self.

Dr. Casey doing a handstand


I will be doing one handstand a day. I plan to do one handstand a day so that when I turn 45, 55, 70, it will still be easy to do. I should be able to do a handstand for the unforeseeable future by taking this one step.

Will it be annoying some days?  Yes. Will it get harder over time?  Maybe not. Will I lose motivation some times? That is why I am asking you all to join me with your own challenge, keep me accountable and check in now and then (look for my Instagram story posts)!

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EMAIL ME with the challenge YOU are choosing for yourself so that I can check in and keep you held accountable.