I wanted to talk about something that many of our patients are aware of:  how frequently Dr. Casey goes to the gym. (Spoiler: it’s a lot.)

Dr. Casey goes to two separate gyms multiple times each week (shoutout to CrossFit Envision and Orange Theory Fitness DeLand!)

So when she says “movement is the best medicine,” you can be sure she practices what she preaches. 

But you may be wondering– “Alyssa, that’s great and all, but why are you telling me this?”

I’m telling you this because Dr. Casey is on the same journey as everyone who walks through our door. Throughout the time I’ve been working here, I’ve seen Dr. Casey strive to find time in her schedule to workout, I’ve seen her grapple with minor gym injuries that impact her routine, and I’ve seen her struggle to feed herself enough in the face of dramatically increased activity levels. 

These struggles aren’t limited to Dr. Casey. They’re struggles everyone on this journey faces, too.

Dr. Casey doesn’t just understand these issues, she empathizes with those facing them, because she herself has faced them. And she has overcome them, just like you. 

I know how important it is to Dr. Casey that she’s a resource for her patients and for those in her community. She’s on this journey not just for herself, but for them, too. She knows how important the gym is to so many of her patients, because the gym is just as important to her. 

She talks to our patients about their gym experiences, their goals, their fears, how to stay in the gym throughout the rehab process, all this and more. 

Now, I want you to ask yourself this:

 Do your other doctors do this? When’s the last time you saw your primary care provider at the gym? Do you feel confident that they would know exactly how to keep you moving well in the gym, because they know how much the gym and its community contributes to your overall well being?

You can be sure that Casey knows. And you can be 100% sure she will never say “just stop CrossFit, and the pain will go away.” Maybe the pain will go away. But at what cost? At the cost of your friends, your hobbies, your time with yourself, your mental health? If that’s the choice, who wouldn’t take the pain and keep the gym?

Luckily, you can keep the gym, but not the pain.

We specialize in providing personalized rehab to active people– addressing the root cause of the issue to provide a solution that lasts, rather than a band-aid fix that you have to re-up every few weeks or months. 

Are you ready to take the step? Click this link to apply for a free Discovery visit to learn more, or, if you have any questions, click here for our contact information.