Do you know how many women have this complaint?  IT’S TOO MANY TO COUNT!

The proper functioning of the pelvic floor is so essential- for bladder control, lifting strength and stability, core activation, low back stability, and more!

This happens in both men and women, but women usually present with the complaint that they pee every time they go to lift.

Woman lifting with a bar.

When this happens, we have to see why the core and abdominal pressure is creating a system where the pressure creates a bladder leak. Often, the problem is the functioning of the pelvic floor under core activation pressure.

The pelvic floor usually experiences 1 of 2 problems: pelvic floor weakness, or pelvic floor tightness.

Kegel exercises help with the weakness sometimes, but the tightness is often unaddressed. 

When the pelvic floor is too tight, the muscles won’t relax to allow you to pee fully. Then, you have to force the pee out, further tightening the muscles.

Then, when you go to lift, these muscles squeeze and release and are not used to activating at the right time. You need to learn to relax the pelvic floor muscles at the right time, and this takes training.

In the office lately, we have seen 4 women who have experienced pelvic floor leaking when lifting. And we are rehabbing their pelvic floor, core and hips to get them back in control. And it is so exciting to watch the results!

Tune in next week, we have some exercises and advice heading your way regarding pelvic floor rehab!