Something we encounter a lot in this office is a struggle with the mind-body connection. 

Person unrolling yoga mat.

Sounds pretty typical, right? Many people struggle with connection to their bodies, especially if their bodies are frequently in pain. But for us, it goes beyond that– difficulty with making your body do what you want or need it to.

So! Why does this happen?

As we go through our daily lives, we form movement patterns. These patterns can be functional and beneficial, or they can be dysfunctional, and result in pain, stiffness, etc.

We challenge A LOT of dysfunctional movement patterns in our practice, which means retraining the mind-body connection in that specific area. It’s a very mentally engaging process– we force people to focus on movements they’ve never focused on before in their lives.

It’s even more intense when we have to overwrite an old movement pattern.

Here’s an example. 

When I went to a snatch clinic at CrossFit Envision a few months ago, I really struggled with this one drill. Literally, I had to bend my knees and lift my chest at the same time.

AND I COULD NOT FREAKIN DO IT!!!  I teach people new things EVERY DAY, and yet this simple move drove my body NUTS.

I was never allowed to bring my knees forward in gymnastics. So for 17 years of my life, this movement pattern was NOT performed, and in fact, was actively discouraged.

So now my body has to learn how to move my knees forward not only in this drill, but DURING A COMPLEX LIFT. Let me tell you, I had to do about 50 of these drills PER DAY and really challenge my brain until it felt NATURAL

So, how do we re-train this for our clients?

 By bringing awareness to that area. After that, we do drills, repetitions, whatever it takes to make sure the new movement is solidified in the mind. Even if they drive you crazy at first!

But always always always– AWARENESS FIRST.

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