After doing CrossFit the last 6 months, I have learned SO MUCH and felt so much change in my body!  I have seen so many injuries and limitations in others and tried to help where I can- and would love to share some of that information here.

In many CrossFitters, I see limited shoulder flexibility which compromises the low back, ankle instability, lack of deep squat stability, and mid-thoracic rotation.

What that means- is I have a few stretches for each that you can work on as a CrossFitter in your own time to help your workouts be more effective and your lifts easier and deeper!

Woman doing CrossFit

Bottom squat with rotation– sit here for 2 minutes!!  (Youtube demonstration link here)

  • This will help you train deep squat mobility
  • It will combine hip and mid-thoracic mobility
  • It will help you train for overhead lifting flexibility
  • Add weight to this stretch to work on strength and stability in this position

Hip banded loaded rotations– in seated and kneeling positions (Youtube demonstration link here)

  • This position makes you combine hip mobility with hip strength
  • Learning to load these positions so rotation does not cause pain is essential
  • Hips are usually the biggest determinant of low back pain from lifting

Kettlebell presses and windmills– more strength, but necessary!  (Youtube demonstration link here)

  • Creating shoulder stability without low back help is huge- and built with these exercises
  • If you are going to press and move heavier weight- make sure your shoulder can handle it!
  • Adding these upside down exercises will challenge your joints in ways the regular CrossFit lifts do not!