Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day- Is wrapping yourself or your family in bubble wrap after an injury the best idea?

How many of you have said: I just need to rest to make my back feel better. And then rest only helped a little bit?

This is so common!  Bed rest used to be one of the NUMBER ONE recommendations for aches and pains. However, more and more guidelines and recommending AGAINST bed rest. Why is this?

Our bodies were meant to move. Our muscles contract to move our joints. Our joints get nutrition through movement. When we have aches and pains, MANY times, the pain results from NOT ENOUGH movement.

Now, if we roll an ankle on the soccer field, yes, we should wrap that ankle in “bubble wrap” for a day or two until the major swelling reduces. However, after this, we should start MOVING. Guidelines suggest movement in all directions as soon as possible to ensure that the muscles and joints heal with proper movement!

Is it your natural inclination to tell your kids or spouse to REST after an injury?  Probably!  We are wired to make sure our families are healthy and happy. But that bubble wrap mentality may not be the best healing mechanism for their joints and muscles.

After an ankle twist, or a fall that hurts your back, it is always my recommendation to get it evaluated!  Make sure that the injury is not serious and get back to movement ASAP. By evaluated: I do not necessarily mean imaging (x-ray or MRI).

Usually, a physical examination will do!  How many times have you seen someone fall, go get an x-ray, find out there is “nothing wrong,” and then the pain continues for MONTHS?  This can be so frustrating!  Getting a thorough physical exam at the time of an injury can help you have peace of mind about the recovery process and what to expect.

As a general rule, what is best to do following an injury?  A controlled, slow return to normal activities is HIGHLY recommended!  Do not over-bubble wrap and stay home for weeks: get back to activities safely and quickly!

This will help not only your physical problem- but your mental healing!  When you or your family has an injury, it can be frustrating. You miss social sporting events, bowling league nights, golf tournaments, work events, and other social hours!  This can be disheartening- and believe it or not, emotions play a HUGE role in the progression of pain.

I could talk about this for hours- but I just want to remind you to AVOID BUBBLE WRAPPING yourself and your family!  If you are unsure of what to do after an injury, consult an expert and then come up with a plan for returning to activities!

If you, your family, your friends, or your coworker is avoiding social events and activities due to an injury, encourage them to call me!  THIS is why I have a free discovery consultation- to help you get an answer and guide you along your recovery.

Happy national bubble wrap appreciation day- and I hope to hear from you all soon!

Have a wonderful week,

Dr. Casey