When patients come to me, they are usually struggling with chronic pain. They have had pain for so long that they have stopped exercising due to pain.

Many of them have gained weight and feel they will never lose that weight again- because they are in too much pain to exercise.

This was the case with Katie. When she came in to us, she had been struggling with back, hip, and shoulder pain for 15 years on and off.

We got her pain under control with breathing analysis, core stability, and correcting her hip asymmetry and strength.

However, you know when life happens?  She then had 6 months where she had to get her gallbladder removed and ended up with an infection. So, within those 6 months her pain started to come back and she had to stop her exercise progressions.

Gloved hand holding surgical tools.

Katie was so frustrated with her situation- so when I checked on her, she said it was time to get started again.

Her husband retired a few months ago, and they want to be more active together- for themselves and their grandkids. And she is scared that she will never get to have great, active experiences with them.

She took advantage of our Black Friday Deal and now- we’ll get her pain under control and guide her through exercising again!

My point? I see so many people who stop trying to lose weight because they are in pain and struggling to work out. IF YOU FEEL LIKE THIS- maybe we can help.

Helping Katie lose weight and gain control for the future is the most important to her and to me now.

If you resonate with this- please respond and gain control for yourself through this holiday season!