“It’s just the normal pain.”

If I have a problem with society- it is that we have NORMALIZED this idea of NORMAL pain.


Woman holding her head in pain.

It may be your COMMON pain, and it may be there all the time, and many people might experience it, but I promise you, pain still means something.

I can hear some of you already ready to yell back at me- and I am not talking about regular exercise “soreness.”

Minor soreness and discomfort for a day or 2 after some more challenging workouts is expected, but this should end there.

The reason you have pain is because SOMETHING is wrong and your brain is telling you that.

Now, can you have minor quick pains that happen once or twice then never happen again? Yes.

Usually this happens after being in a weird position for a long period of time or doing something out of the ordinary for your joints- but it should be TRANSIENT. You should forget about it- and never really remember that it happened within a few days.

When pain becomes “normal” for you- your brain now has this weird, focused relationship with that area of the body. It literally THINKS about that pain and either magnifies, ignores it, tries to move you around it, etc.

The brain does all sorts of weird stuff that changes our movement patterns and joint functioning.

During rehab, your tissue must be healed and your BRAIN must realize the tissue is healed, shut off the pain signal, shut off all pain avoiding behaviors, and begin to accept full load and movement again.

So no, there is no “normal” ache or pain. Your body should always be changing and adapting- not giving you the same aching hip pain over. And over. And over.

So STOP accepting that this is normal and that you just have to live with it.

End rant, talk to you all soon.

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