Or do you just need more body resiliency?

How many of us have those weeks where we say “I need to quit- this job is killing me!”

Well, hopefully not too often!  However, when you have a physical or manual labor job, this statement can become LITERAL.

Man on construction site holding large metal pipe.

Recently we had a patient, Jimmy, come into our practice with back pain.

He was worried that he would have to give up his career of manual and physical labor due to this back pain. It was the first time he had ever experienced back pain- but he thought, “Man, I should just be done.”

He wanted to leave his career choice of handyman services because it was a CHOICE, not a need. So we set out to see if we could help.

Now, Jimmy responded so well to care for his back pain. I mean, he was out of pain in 2 visits and feeling great and confident!  BUT- he wasn’t anywhere near done.

We knew that he needed to build RESILIENCY. 

He needed core strength, lifting capabilities, arm endurance, and more to really continue being a handyman and “do it all” kind of guy.

 Luckily Jimmy was ready for us though, and committed to his plan of care. So even though he was out of pain, he had the rest of his plan to really build his strength, confidence, and yes, resiliency.

He comes into the office for the next visit each time recounting something new he was able to do without pains, aches, or worries.

Taking the time to stabilize his knees (previous meniscus tears), shoulders (previous rotator cuff issues) as well as his core for his back, has helped him realize how much regular fitness benefits him.

He had to do some schedule juggling, but he now has his home workout routine and we are constantly adding to his loads, reps, and sets so that he can build up his confidence in between our sessions.

If you are worried about yesterday, today, and more importantly, the next 15 years at your job, yesterday was the time to see us.

But you know what?

 We are still here today- so please schedule your discovery visit so that we can get you taken care of.

For my current patients reading this far- do not leave your plan of care without being 100% confident in reaching your goals and handling life’s physical stressors. I am here to get you through that- let’s just talk about that second plan of care or extending yours. The progression to 100% is so important.

I hope this was eye opening, inspiring, and overall a good feel read!  Talk to you all soon.