Do any of you check google for reviews before you go ANYWHERE?

Or Amazon reviews before you purchase anything?

Or ask any and all of your friends what they think?

I know I do- and most of my patients do. So I try really hard to get my patient’s stories so that I can share them with ALL OF YOU so you can make a better decision when choosing your chiropractic provider (or rehab provider 😊).

I asked Beth to review her care with us in her office and here are some of the things she had to say!

“What was life before I found Impulse Chiropractic and Rehab?  It was slow and painful with all the injuries and surgeries that I had. Every day was a different pain.”

I met Beth at the Club at DeLand when I did a workshop to help show the members different positions and exercises to help prevent pains and Beth saw that she wanted MORE.

“She came over and did an arm shoulder exercises and it helped my arm a little bit, and that’s why I went into the office to see her.”

You know how some chiropractors just have you walk in, crack every joint in your body, then send you on your way?  With Beth’s history, there is no way we could have done that to her without increasing her pains and problems.

“Dr. Casey worked on all my issues before she started to get into anything major or do any chiropractic movements. My previous chiropractor only did adjustments and I put my neck over a foam block for 30 minutes and I was done.”

We knew from the first evaluation that Beth needed slow, guided, and controlled rehab to get back her ability to exercise safely.

“The difference between my life now is I’m doing a lot more exercises that I wasn’t able to do before and running a little more!”

When I asked Beth if she would refer to us after her experience,

Yes of course I would refer my family and friends because I would want them to have the same feeling of being able to get back into what they once loved doing.”

And, to wrap it all up…

“Biggest takeaway is I’m happy with the way Dr. Casey treated me as a patient and how she helped me GET BACK THE LIFE  I once had before all my injuries and surgeries.”

We LOVE stories like Beth’s- using chiropractic and rehab to get people THEIR LIVES BACK. So if you or your spouse, your parent, or your best friend still isn’t living their life because of pain and problems, it’s time to have them apply for a discovery visit with us.