KAYAKS! It’s the last time I say it- promise!

As many of you are aware, I am SO EXCITED that we finally have a reprieve in the heat down here. It is about time we get back outside on our weekends and ENJOY the weather.

Yellow leaves on the ground.

What are your fall activities? 

Beach trips?  Park walks?  Pickleball games?  Morning jogs?  Long dog walks in the neighborhood? (My dogs will be happy.)  Or….KAYAKING?  (See below!!)

Are you prepared? 

Is your body ready for the new challenges?  Will it stand up to the difficult movements you put its way?

Or, ARE YOU NERVOUS that you will get hurt?  That you’ll make an injury worse?  Did your Doctor say your favorite activity is still a bad idea?

Sorry for all the questions-

but sometimes I like to challenge you all to THINK. If you want to go play racquetball, have you worked on your knee stability and shoulder mobility lately?  Or will an intense game be the first time you really moved those joints and muscles in months?

If you answered yes to the 2nd question, GET CHECKED and moving first!  That’s what I am here for. It is much cheaper and saves you valuable time and suffering to prepare on the front end.

[PLEASE reply to us here and tell us YOUR favorite fall activity so that we can tailor our content to help you!]

Performing activities without practicing and preparing the body with the proper movements is the most common way to injure yourself. I hate to see that happen and know just how preventable that is. Get your warm-ups, your exercises, and your stretches in weekly that help you sustain your movement FOR YOUR ACTIVITIES.

If SOMEONE YOU KNOW needs to hear this and consult with me- THREE DAYS LEFT for the kayak giveaway!  Fall is the perfect season to learn to kayak. Get out in the springs, on the intercoastal, in the back channels, and reconnect with nature and your ability to relax and move!

Just a reminder:

We are accepting referral calls FOR 3 MORE DAYS!  You don’t need to be a patient- just beg your friend (that NEEDS to call me) to at least start the conversation with me so YOU CAN WIN!  These 2 kayaks are gorgeous, decked out with life jackets and paddles, and highly coveted (I have several patients fighting to get more entries, but it only takes one entry to win!)

Also- remember. You are not telling your friends and family they HAVE to become patients of mine. You are suggesting that I am a good person to talk to and brainstorm about their issues- and just maybe, be the right solution. But the phone call is the first and most important screening step- for them to meet me!

Send those referrals in and reply with your favorite fall activity so we can get some content up about how to support your body through those activities!

P.S. send this to your friend and have them book their own discovery call with us here!