Entering a Doctor’s office can give many people anxiety, fear, worry, and more creating a toxic environment before the treatment process begins. This can occur with any type of Doctor out there. Having a customer service background, I wanted to integrate this into my practice. People are much more comfortable talking about their pain, experiencing their pain, and working through their pain when they feel heard, understood and prepared to take the next step toward healing.

After weeks of planning, I feel my office is ready to be a place of healing and growth for patients. You can come in and expect a full one-on-one session to feel heard and begin to understand what is causing your problem. I hope to use my chiropractic adjustment skills and rehabilitation knowledge where they are applicable, but to thoroughly educate you through the whole exam and treatment process.

Also, here is a sneak peek of the office therapy dog! Thunder is my husky and will make appearances to the office, thus brightening everyone’s day and easing some of the tension that may be felt in Doctor’s offices. We hope you stop in soon to see us and experience this change!