Doing the squats, lunges, glute bridges, and still can’t feel it in your glutes?  Feel it in your quads and then still have those “dips” where your glutes should be?

If any of those sound like you, then you should implement some of these tips!!

Woman doing lunges with a weight in her living room.

These tips will be aimed toward the LUNGE since it is a great one leg focused exercise that can ABSOLUTELY target glutes and help you:

  • Build glute muscles
  • Stabilize your hips
  • Improve your balance
  • Engage your core
  • Relieve pelvic floor tension
  • Improve plantar fasciitis, decrease calf tension, and protect the knee
  • Just feel strong!

Note: A tight muscle is NOT a strong muscle. It needs to be able to lengthen AND THEN contract. The lengthening allows the muscle to get more control AND feel good.

Tight muscles are often weak muscles that need more strengthening through their FULL RANGE!

3 Tips Here:

or click on this video to watch them!

  1. Hinge forward and pull forward with the back leg
  2. Add rotation from the front hip inward and outward
  3. Add a weight in the opposite hand

Glutes are one of the MAIN THINGS I need to rehab with my patients- so chances are YOU need to do more with your glutes.

So give it a shot and SEND THIS to someone who really needs to use it for their glutes!