I am so excited to announce that our referral program is BACK for the fall!  For those of you that remember, we gave away 2 kayaks last year!

I know for a fact that those have gone to good use- and we hope to get someone else outside and active this year!

Person using a paddle board at sunset.

We are giving away not one, but TWO paddle boards with paddles, life jackets, and backpack cooler included!!

We want you to get out on the water, active, and loving every second!

Now, how to enter the giveaway…. All you need to do is refer that person that you know who NEEDS OUR HELP.

This person complains about their pain, has seen several doctors before, and just can’t seem to make progress on their own. They might be about to give up.

So refer them in ONE OF THESE WAYS:

  1. Have them call us and mention YOU by name!
  2. Ask them if it’s okay, and with their permission, YOU give us their name, phone, and email and WE will reach out! Once we have a conversation with them, you’ll be entered into the giveaway!

Either one of these options will get you entered for a chance to win!  Unlimited entries for unlimited referrals.

Help get those people in your life some help- and help yourself get chances to win in the process!  🙂

The offer goes live TODAY so get to referring!

If you yourself are interested in pursuing care with us, Click this link to apply for a free, 45-minute discovery visit.