Want to win 2 kayaks for you and a friend this fall?  Simply refer your friend with low back pain to be entered- details to come :)

Impulse Chiropractic and Rehab want to wish you a happy  4th of July!

We hope that you are outside, grilling, hanging by the pool, playing cornhole, and enjoying the day.

Small American flags laid out on a light blue background.

We hope that you celebrate our country and our independence with those friends and family around you who you enjoy it with!

I want you to consider a few things this Independence Day:

  1. Keeping your physical independence later in life starts today
  2. Staying active can be worked into daily activities- like walking the dog as a family
  3. Strength building activities now will help you stay strong longer in life
  4. Losing your independence should be PREPARED for, not feared.

One of the most important goals some of my patients have is this: keeping their physical independence longer.

Some general tips to keep YOUR independence include:

  1. Practicing your balance daily- challenging one leg activities
  2. Build time for walking, swimming, kayaking, or other activities several times a week into your schedule
  3. Practice going up and down stairs and step ups several times a week to build strength
  4. Use your family members to help you keep your independence- be active with them!
Fire works at night.

Impulse chiropractic and Rehab has a referral for reward going on starting NOW in July- have a family member or friend call us to get the HELP THEY NEED and mention YOUR name. 

For each phone call we get, YOU get entered into a drawing to win 2 KAYAKS- ONE FOR YOU AND ONE FOR A FRIEND!  We want you to get outdoors, active, and do it with someone else.

Two people on kayaks in blue water.

Who knows- you could win and take the person you referred when they feel up to it after working with us!

To wrap up today- get outdoors today, get active, and HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!