When I was at the gym the other day, I noticed that one of the class attendees was modifying his shoulder workout.

He usually pushes right alongside me, so I asked him what was wrong.

He stated that he started feeling shoulder pain about 2 months ago and it has gradually gotten worse. No, he has not done anything about it.

He considered going to his primary doctor and maybe an orthopedic specialist, however, he has a high deductible. He does not want to spend $500 at these appointments to be told “JUST STOP CROSSFIT.”

This has happened to him before. CrossFit has helped him get back in shape, find community support, workout consistently, and have more energy. He refuses to give that up.

Man preparing to lift weights.

However, he didn’t know where to turn.

He wanted to “get better”, but for him, getting better did not mean “shoulder pain goes away.”

For him, it means being able to stay in CrossFit and be able to compete and continue to progress his workouts with his CrossFit community.

He is coming into our office this week and is ready for better answers. He knows he won’t spend a DIME with us unless we give him an answer, a plan, and he knows he will NOT be asked to stop going to CrossFit.

Don’t let your high deductible scare you!  Get the answers and the plans you need to keep going!