We all want to continue living without pains, aches, and do our activities without limits in 2024. 

While the new year is a kind of cliche, it still is a GREAT time to institute new mindsets and habits.

The best way I have found to help my patients is to make sure they are educated and prepared to deal with what life throws at their bodies.

If you follow us on social media, we have been posting about the 7 functional movements that lead to all other movements.  (If not, click here to follow us on instagram or facebook!)

Because they are the base of our movement, problems or dysfunctions with any of these patterns can and usually do lead to aches and pains.

So I wanted to make sure I drop the guide here for you to look over and get to know!  Knowing the 7 functional movements can help you to recognize them, train them, and feel when you have pain or limitations within those patterns.

Check out our 7 posts from the end of December- we posted about each of the movements with some tips and tricks for training each.

Get to work on your push, pull, hinge, lunge, squat, rotation and gait. I see the MOST issue with hinge and rotation- so get to work on training these for sure if you are not working on them yet!

Let’s make sure you stay functional and focused in 2024- and I am always here for you!