Remembering your form has never been easier.

How many of you learn a new exercise or stretch, and then immediately forget how to perform it? If you are like our patients, this happens ALL THE TIME. 

We continued to get this complaint repeatedly, and knew we had to do something about it.

We realized YouTube was a perfect platform for this, and we used several patients as guinea pigs!

We recorded their homework exercises and uploaded examples, then emailed them their homework.

Just like this!

And now, EACH OF THEM has done the work they needed to at home to support their care!!

“Suffering in silence” and refusing to reach out and ask for help is so common. We wanted to break that barrier for our patients and make sure they didn’t even need to ASK for help with their homework.

Because of that, we will soon have a HUGE library of many of the exercises we treat with available to you online.

Now, performing these exercises CORRECTLY, with the joints moving PROPERLY, and the muscles activating IN THE RIGHT WAY, and doing the right REPETITIONS of each exercise is still important, and where we really help our patients through the process.

However, we wanted to make this resource AVAILABLE to you all and get you the link to our page here:

We would LOVE for you to stop over on YouTube, watch a few videos, leave us a few comments or subscribe to the page to help us grow and educate our local community!

Thank you all for your support of this idea- and your support of our local small business!

PS. If you would like to learn about the exercises YOU need to focus on to reduce your aches and pains for good, book a discovery call with us to get the conversation started.

PPS. If you are interested in winning two kayaks, MAKE your friend with shoulder pain give us a call and you will be entered into the raffle to win, which is ENDING NEXT WEEK!