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Woman looking pensive, with icons of footprints and sneakers floating around her head, along with a question mark.

I mentioned that the arch of the foot and foot strength are one of the 7 areas of focus for pelvic floor health a few weeks ago.

I think this topic is THAT important- so I wanted to dive in and give you some information on that today!

Many people have asked me if it is better to workout barefoot or with shoes on.

Now the answer (as usual) is….. It depends. 

However, the general rule of thumb is that it really depends on how you are training, what you are training for, and what your body can handle.

When you run barefoot, you are more likely to hit your midfoot or your toes (rather than your heel). This can create foot pain, hip pain, and other problems IF you are not used to training this way.

If you can handle that pressure, no problem!

But postpartum, you may have leaking and pain with that strong heel strike. This may be a good time to spend some time running barefoot to get the hang of using your feet!

Now, what about those darn shoes that give you SO MUCH SUPPORT?!

Well, those can be great for help and symptoms. However, if we use this as a substitute instead of working on strength of the foot and arch, then you are creating a dependency on support and failing to address the underlying issue!

So think about your feet, think about your pelvic floor, be a little more aware- and message me with questions or concerns so I can help!

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