Have you ever thought “is my pain really bad enough or consistent enough to get help?”

Before I say anything else… the short answer is you should ALWAYS do something about the pain you’re experiencing!

My next question… have you ever said “I’m just feeling the normal pain”?

I hate to break it to you… no pain is normal!

The idea that your back, neck, or knee pain will just “go away with time,” or that the pain “isn’t bad enough” is how people end up in bad situations…

… Like injuries that require surgery, or rehab that could take months (or sometimes longer) to get back to feeling normal.

But unfortunately, I hear this all the time from people in pain that DO need my help.

And the truth is, 9 out of 10 times, if the pain “isn’t bad enough” or “it will just go away on it’s own,” the pain returns. Typically worse than before…

Doctor in a white coat holding a pain stating pain relief.
By NOT waiting, you can avoid taking drugs and surgery later!

So if you’re questioning whether your pain is “bad enough” to do something about it, here are 5 reasons why the pain IS bad enough to get help!

5 reasons why the pain is bad enough

1) Preventative Care is actually the most EFFECTIVE care!

Do you wait until you have a cavity to go see the dentist? I sure hope not!

Why wait until you’re in pain when you can actually prevent it from happening (or getting worse) in the first place.

The longer your pain has been around, the longer it takes to go away.

2) Time does NOT solve the Root Cause of your pain – the reason you’re in pain in the first place!

Believe it or not, pain is actually a poor indicator of function – how your body moves!

Pain is usually the last thing to come and the first thing to go away when you have dysfunction

3) You will save TIME and MONEY

Remember what I said under reason #1?

More often than not, the longer you’ve been in pain, the longer it takes to go away.

My patients who take action right away are the ones who are usually out of pain the fastest.

4) You will save your older self from injuries down the road

“Wear and tear” can become worse with compensation.

Why do you think a person needs one hip replaced and not the other?

Both hips are the same age… so that can’t be an excuse!

If your younger self is in “some pain” that is likely due to a dysfunction in your movement that causes compensation, you’re better off doing something about it now!

5) The RIGHT provider will tell you if you’re in the right place

We often tell or patients the best thing we can do for them is to be honest.

We will always tell you if we can help you or not.

One of the reasons we have so much success is we only take on the cases we actually believe we can help!

And if we can’t, we dedicate ourselves to finding someone who can.

So, if you’ve ever been on the fence about seeking help for pain – your pain CAN and SHOULD be treated!

If this resonated with you and you think it’s time to see how you can be helped, book a free, no obligation phone call with our specialist. 

On this call, we want to get to know you, learn about what’s going on, and figure out how we can best help!

Talk to you all soon! -Dr. Casey