Do you ever think it is just TOO LATE to get your shoulder (or other) injury treated?

Well, Jim had shoulder pain on and off since high school when he tore his rotator cuff playing baseball.

At age 66, he had pain for several weeks and decided that it was time to get a real answer and treatment.

However, he was concerned that it was too late and the damage was done. When we performed an exam, there were clear movement differences between the 2 shoulders.

I was SO GLAD that he decided to get this tackled. Jim has goals to stay active into his older years: hiking, biking, strength training, kayaking, and pickleball.

Have you ever heard of FROZEN SHOULDER? When you have limited mobility in the shoulder and you stop moving it, the shoulder can swell, increase scar tissue, and lock up completely. THIS condition takes usually a YEAR to gain mobility and treat. So Jim is taking steps to avoid frozen shoulder and more.

Man holding his shoulder up in limited mobility.

Jim has gained control and full range of motion of his shoulder again through treatment.

We are now working on strength and stability so that he can use his shoulder for whatever heavy activities he hopes to perform.

He also has stretches in his toolbox to use moving forward if he feels tight again.

Jim did not want to wait until it was too late. He has HUGE plans for retirement and wants to tackle his shoulder injury now before it causes more pain and problems later.

MORAL OF TODAY’S STORY: do not wait if you have pain or limited mobility now. However, if you have had pain or problems for years, it isn’t too late either to get started working on it!