Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!

Red candle surrounded by pinecones and holly berries with lights in the background.

I want to say THANK YOU for all of your support, dedication, and help throughout the last 2 years!

It has been such a pleasure to work in this business and see SO MANY OF YOU succeed.  Because of that, I want to share 3 success stories from the year and attach the main exercises that helped each of them- and see if you all can apply them to your case for the new year!

1- Stephanie: If you are reading this- you know the crazy journey we are on!   She was a kid who played softball who started having severe shoulder, back and elbow pain.

It took us some trial and error, but we figured out how to get her shoulder and back pain under control. It turned out that years of pitching had tightened up an entire fascial line.

We found joint instabilities in her right shoulder and her left hip from her old pitching form. And once we stabilized each of those areas- those pains quickly got under control!

Now, we are still working on her elbow which is much more stubborn- however, we are course correcting and figuring it out step by step!!

Click here to see the 3 main exercises we did for Steph for her shoulder and back!

2- Earl: Back pain for 30 years- just knowing that he would have to live with it!

When in fact, we found that had severe hip immobility. Every time he moved, walked, lifted- his lower back was doing the work.

By introducing hip movement and progressing it to hip control, we were able to not only get his pain under control, but get him more active than he has been in years.

Click here to see the 2 main exercises we did for Earl!

3- Johannis: When you are a veteran and go through trauma and are left with years of pain, it can be disheartening!  

She needed some help getting control of her life and understanding how to function with her previous injuries.

Her hip had a previous labral tear and repair, and there was still pain. But, the surgery was successful. So what next?

Well for her, she ended up with knee and ankle pain on the other side, as well as lower back tightness!

After some detailed movement assessment, we found out that she struggled with pelvic tilt, one leg balance, and leg strength.

She had to carry her 70 pound dog around for 2 weeks after surgery- and she only had some mild pain and stiffness!!!  She was shocked at her progress and we are so excited to see her continue to progress.

Click Here to See the Main Exercises We Implemented for Johannis!