My client, “John,told me the other day he was afraid “his back would break” if I adjusted him.

When I asked why he thought that, he told me about his past medical experiences. 

I realized those experiences led him to believe his back was “too weak and fragile” to be helped – that he was damaged beyond repair.

Cracked glass on a black background.

You see, John had been through the wringer trying to end back pain. 

He’d been to see two other physical therapists and neither were able to get to the root cause of his pain (the thing that will actually end pain for good).

So he was left feeling “unfixable” – as if it was his fault he was still in pain.

The more time that passed between his failed treatment attempts and coming to us, exercise and basic movements became harder and harder.

John told me it was when he couldn’t lift a heavy box for his wife without fear his back would give out, he knew he had to find a solution.

He just didn’t know what that was…

All he was confident about was that he should NOT be feeling this way in his early 30s…

John found us on Google and decided to call because of all our positive reviews. 

After his discovery visit and evaluation, he knew if he had any chance of a full recovery, it was here. But he still thought he was too damaged and could not be helped…

…Which is when he told me he was afraid his “back would break” during an adjustment. 

I could tell he was really scared.

So I told him two things: 

1) Luckily, his “back breaking” is physically impossible during an adjustment!

2) If he absolutely does not want an adjustment – I won’t give him one. 

Our patients are in control of their treatment plans at Impulse Chiropractic and Rehab. If you don’t want an adjustment, we’ll do something else. 

Adjustments can aid in pain relief, but they are not the thing that solves the root cause of your pain

With John, we ended up spending three full sessions before his care plan just to show him he could be helped. After those three sessions, John trusted our process and was ready to go. 

If you resonate with John’s story and would like to find the root cause of your pain, book a call with us!