Hey folks!

We are getting closer to the new year and that will mean that most of us will be setting exciting new goals for 2023. Have you thought about yours yet?

Will you be trying a new activity? Like hot yoga, cross fit, pickleball?

Will you be committing to a new stringent workout plan?

Will you start a new sport with your spouse?

Will you start coaching your kids’ sports teams?

As you think about what new activities and goals you want to accomplish: who will you need in your corner to support you and keep you accountable?

Most of you will need your partner or spouse to be on the same page. Many of you will need family support and encouragement. Some of you will need a chiropractor to help your body along your 2023 journey. Starting a new activity means making sure that your body is prepared to handle the new activity.

Are your joints mobile enough to handle the new activities?  Is your core stable enough to support the new loads you’ll put on your low back?  Do you have a plan in place to keep yourself accountable and keep yourself on track?

Coming in January, I hope to help my patients refine their goals and keep themselves on track for 2023. For example, I have one patient who has decided that working out 5 days a week is her new years goal to improve her strength, balance, and confidence. She has asked me to help her plan her workouts and keep her accountable and I am THRILLED to be able to help her along her journey.

It is up to all of you to set your goals and choose how you will be accountable. However, I am here to help you guide you along the journey. It can become tiring and challenging, but as you start to succeed, it is 100% worth the happiness and joy you feel in yourself.

If you hear of someone who is starting a new activity in the new year, encourage them to go for it!  Encourage them to ALSO get evaluated and ensure that their body can handle the new GREAT stresses they are putting their bodies.

I would love to hear from all of you about your new year’s goals and plans that will improve your health. Respond to this email and tell me your plans, tell me if this motivated you to set your goals, and reach out if you need help getting yourself motivated and prepared!

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