“Okay, I’m convinced. I need to start helping myself.”

Someone said this to us recently. It made me stop and think for a second, because I think a lot of people may feel similarly, maybe without even noticing.

Person standing on a hill at sunset, arms outstretched.

We couldn’t tell you how often we hear “I can’t believe I didn’t tackle this sooner.” 

We hate how frequently people are filled with regret about all those years of pain, discomfort, and restricted activity that could have been avoided had it only been addressed earlier. 

Not only does pushing it off cause YOU more discomfort, it costs time, money and unnecessary added frustration. Sometimes, the issue worsens or progresses, further complicating the situation, and making it harder to rehab.

Another thing we often hear: ”It’s normal for me/ I’ll just live with it.” 

Have you ever said this to yourself? Have you brushed off your pain, or accepted it as just the way things are? This has become your normal. 

But the truth is, no matter how long you’ve had it, pain is not normal. 

Think back on the activities you used to love to do, but have since stopped. Did you stop because you wanted to, or because your body was limiting you? 

You used to go out with friends on the weekends– now you can’t, because it hurts too bad. 

You used to be a runner, and now your pain prevents you from going out every morning. 

You want to play basketball with your kids during the summer, but you don’t trust that your body will support you without paying for it with an excruciating flare-up. 

Slowly but surely, you are losing your freedom to your chronic pain. 

How much more can you really take?

What if you could get your freedom back? 

What if you could get your life back?

To everyone who resonated with this: I have two questions for you.

What is preventing you from helping yourself? 

And for how long are you going to let that stop you?

And if your answer to my second question is “Not for a second longer,” email us at drcasey@impulsechiro.net and tell us more!

We’d love to go on this journey with you 🙂