The clock is running! I, Dr. Attenberger, have finally graduated from Palmer College and the race is on to have the office up and running.

The nerve racking change

I have been in school for 7 1/2 years since high school. Now, the time for change has come. It has been a long road, but I am excited for this change from student to Doctor of Chiropractic. I feel my journey has prepared me for this new career. I will be able to help people through their struggles. My goal is to help each and every person that walks through my door to become one step closer to their goals. Whether patients would like to hold their grandkids, walk up stairs, begin weight lifting, run a marathon, compete at a higher level, or simply find a way to feel better, I hope to hear their story and come up with a solution or find someone who can help.

One of the hardest transitions for me will be changing from a student and waitress to a business owner. I have loved waitressing all these years. It has brought me an abundance of network connections and friends who are all in support of this transition. However, I am ready to take this next step with all of the struggles and trials it will bring. I will lean on all of those who have helped me thus far so that my patients get the best of the new Dr. Attenberger.