Have you ever felt like just a number to your doctor? 

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Maybe you went to a physical therapy clinic for your pain, but saw you were doing the exact same exercises as everyone else there.

Or you spent almost no one-on-one time with your doctor, and spent most of your session with an aide or even on your own.

When you’re struggling with pain and have been in situations like this, it feels like you may never become pain-free. 

Let alone feel confident your provider understands your unique needs and goals for treatment. 

Unfortunately, we’ve heard this from so many of our patients who tried and failed to end their pain before coming to see us. 

But the good news is, this is exactly why I am a rehab chiropractor. I want to help you end your pain and reach your unique goals.

Let me explain.

Recently I had a patient named Sue who is struggling with hip pain. 

She’s in her mid-60s and hasn’t been active in the gym for years. 

So when going through her plan of care she needed to go at a slower pace than other patients who might suffer from the same problem. “I really think this is my speed,” is what she stated a few visits into her plan with us.

And the thing is, she’s the one deciding that. I’m the one who directs and encourages her.

At Impulse Chiropractic and Rehab, we adjust our plans of care based on what our patients need and what they can do. (Because it’s about you and your goals, not us meeting a quota)

Many patients who have suffered from hip pain like Sue went at a faster pace. 

But Sue needed to move at a slower pace and that’s OKAY! There’s nothing wrong with that.

Because the only wrong way to conduct rehab is to do it too fast that you never gain anything from it. 

Due to moving at her own pace, Sue is progressing very well. Hitting every goal we set. 

So if you’re worried that you aren’t getting the time you need from your current provider, or think you’re not active enough to alleviate pain naturally, I want you to talk to us.

We won’t rush or force you to do anything that won’t help you meet YOUR goals. 

So CLICK HERE to opt in for information on the May feel good summer sale, and we will discuss what your goals are for your summer and beyond.