If you have ever stepped out of bed in the morning and felt stabbing pain through your feet– you know exactly what plantar fasciitis is like. 

Stretching your feet and calves, rolling out the bottom with a tennis ball, ice, Advil, and shoe inserts might be helpful temporarily- but most of these only help in the short term.

I see so many cases of plantar fasciitis- and many of these cases have only been given the above advice. Their cases were mismanaged- and no long term solutions had ever been offered.

Alex was one of those patients. He came to us with plantar fasciitis and he had tried everything his doctors had told him- and yet, every morning came just about as bad as the day before unless he stretched for 20 minutes before bed.

But, we found he needed to strengthen his feet and calves. He also needed to load the tissue to match his daily activity loads. THIS was what was missing for him to have lasting relief.

We performed these 2 exercises for his plantar fasciitis:

  1. Stand on one foot, hold ball away from chest and rotate and tap to the wall-  watch it here!
  2. Creeper crawl forward with weights loading the front of the foot- watch it here!

Give these a try- and start to build strength and tissue tolerance!