Hey everyone,

If your shoulders are tight, you should stretch them, right?  Not quite!

There are factors that contribute to shoulder tightness, and more often than not, the solution is NOT stretching.

I hear this question all the time from my patients, and it always becomes a perfect time to provide some education.

Not all tight muscles should be stretched.

Usually there’s a functional bias or underlying root cause. And until you address the dysfunction, the stretching might not help you, and it could potentially make you worse.

For example, we will get patients that come into our office with shoulder pain. They would tell us that their shoulder has been tight and painful even though they have been stretching it for weeks. Here’s the important part…. If stretching were the answer, it probably would’ve helped them by now and they wouldn’t be in our office.

In fact, the stretching was actually making the symptoms worse.

Now, after an in-depth evaluation, we were able to conclude that their problem originated from the neck region and the tight shoulder wasn’t actually the problem, just a symptom.

It’s important to remember we want to treat the actual cause and not just the symptoms!

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