Or is your shoulder just not getting better?

Woman holding her shoulder in pain.

Sometimes, are you just tired of your shoulder pain?  Are you still struggling with throwing a ball?  Working on your car?  Swinging a golf club?  Getting under a squat bar?

Like many of you, Jimmy was tired of his shoulder pain. He had just been dealing with it for months, waiting for it to get better.

While he also had neck and back pain, he was struggling more than ever with his shoulder.

He was struggling to throw a ball with his kids, swing a golf club, and to get under a squat bar.

So when he called, he said he was ready to get this under control.

When he came into the office for his discovery visit, we found that his real problem was his ability to control his shoulder and neck movements.

He had some immediate changes that day and was excited to see a result.

However, when he went home, he decided that this was not the time to invest in himself.

He agreed that maybe he could control this on his own, and he messaged me to cancel, losing his enthusiasm for improving HIMSELF.

When I checked in a few months later, he realized that he was NOT dealing with his pain on his own. He was STILL missing out on golf and the gym, and his kids were still sad he couldn’t play for hours due to pain.

Youtube exercises were not cutting it- and THIS time he decided enough was enough.

Parents playing with young child outside.

Now, he can coach his kids’ practices without pain and escape to the gym to squat without limits when he needs to.

If you have been putting your shoulder (or other pain) on the back burner, it is time to stop. Reply to this blog to take care of yourself. 

If you are curious if our office can help with your shoulder pain, sign up for our in-house shoulder seminar!  It is at our office on AUGUST 30TH at 6PM– and we would love to give you tips and tricks for your shoulder pain and encourage you to take control of your shoulder pain if you need more help!