Why the elbow is NEVER the whole story. My new recommendation for tennis elbow.

If you have experienced tennis elbow, you know how ANNOYING it can be. If you have not, just take my word on it. IT SUCKS.

Lately, I have had 5 patients come in with elbow pain. It was a crazy run and really took me by surprise. What was even crazier? None of them got answers or relief from other providers and had been suffering for months (some for YEARS).

It made me think. Why are so many of you suffering from elbow pain? 

 Well, let’s look at why the 5 other people had elbow pain.

1.       Bad scapular (shoulder blade) control

2.       Limited neck mobility

3.       Rotator cuff tears

4.       Poor core control

5.       Limited shoulder mobility

Notice how NONE of those mention repetitive elbow motion?

  Even though that’s what they all thought. They said….

“My elbow hurts because I used it while rowing.”

“My elbow hurt because I have used it at work to lift jugs for 5 years.”

“My elbow hurts because I fell and broke my elbow 30 years ago.”

Yet, we found a way to ABOLISH their pain and get their elbows, shoulders, necks, and cores working better than ever before.

So- my new best recommendation for tennis elbow?

Hint: it’s not rest, ice, massage, or exercise.

It is: FIND THE ROOT CAUSE. Get an in depth evaluation of your shoulder- shoulder blade- wrist- neck- upper back- core- and figure out what is breaking down and causing the elbow to take on too much stress and present with a symptom of pain.

Stop blaming your elbow- and have us find what it could be instead.

Have a wonderful week and we will shock you with more information next week!

P.S. The biggest “root cause” I have found for elbow pain is scapular control. So, check out our scapula playlist and try some of the exercises to see if you can cure your own pain- or see if you still need our help!