March is going to be all about goal setting at Impulse Chiropractic. It’s not January 1st so some of you will think “why are we talking about goals in March?” Setting and evaluating your goals can be a continually evolving process rather than a “set and forget” process. This can help you feel accomplished each and every day, week or month as you re-evaluate and get closer to reaching your goals. Now when I said goals, what did you think about? Your gym goals, weight goals, emotional goals, relationship goals, or career goals? I hope you thought about ALL of them.

Setting goals in multiple life categories can help you to feel balanced. I hope to hear that each of you reading this considers writing down goals for each of the following categories:

1. Pain Free Goal– Most of my patients come in for pain and will need to set goals related to freeing themselves of pain. Setting these goals will be the topic for week 2 of March!

2. Activity Goal– Whether this is to begin walking once a day or get to cross fit 5 days a week, set a goal regarding your physical fitness. Week 3 of March will talk about activity goals!

3. Emotional/Relationship Goal– I call this the “social” goal. Your social life is an important part of overall health. This goal should include your “me time” and time with friends, family, and significant others. This will be the topic for week 4 of March!

4. Diet Goal– The “dreaded” healthy diet goal, but with a spin. There are 5 weeks this month so we will be looking at diet and life goals week 5!

Setting your goals can feel pointless: but it is NOT! Here is a quick goal setting guide on youtube to follow for each category: If you are not a video person, here is a visual guide to print out and fill out: Pope-a-goal-setting-guide March Week 1 link.pdf. See which one you like!

Start setting your goals and schedule an appointment with me to help you to reach them sooner rather than later!