Have you ever had such bad pain that you thought, “I just want to give up and give in.”

 Now this sounds harsh and extreme, but it IS the reality for some people, and I do not want to shy away from the truth. 

Pat came to us and said that he had TMJ and face pain that had “made his life a misery” for the past 3 years.  His providers told him they thought he had trigeminal neuralgia- which is nicknamed “the suicide nerve.”

Trigeminal neuralgia causes such intense pain that a high percentage of the people who have it commit suicide if they cannot get the pain under control.

Man grasping his face in pain.

So imagine Pat- sticking this out with 2-3 painful attacks in his face almost every.



Now comes the really terrible part:

When he went to get care over the years, the 2 neurologists he saw “pawned him off to a secondary professional.” He felt they took the intake information, took a paycheck, and never gave him feedback.

He feels that he has been “banged around” the medical system and that no one wanted to help him. No one wanted to listen. 

He had made a long journal of all of his symptoms, medication changes, and more for the last year and no one would even glance at it!

So- we asked him his story, listened, and put him through a good exam. 

Now I am going to be 100% honest here- I had NO IDEA if I could help him. But through my exam it looked like there were some upper neck joint issues and some facial tension. So we sent him home with 2 simple exercises.

He now has one attack a week- rather than three a day. And he is PISSED. 

Why hadn’t ANYONE started with these simple exercises YEARS ago?  Why hadn’t anyone figured out the problem and got him this kind of relief before all of this?

He was happy to get relief, but really upset that no one had put the dots together. An old dentist appointment irritated his jaw muscles three years ago, and began this problem.

So the moral of the story is: sometimes you just have to find someone to take a chance, listen to you, do a great exam, and determine what the next steps are to helping you heal.

IF YOU HAVE SOMEONE who just can’t get answers and is frustrated- please send them this blog post! We’d love for them to reach out to us so we can see how we can help!

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