Does this sound familiar?

Your back pain has been getting worse.

You try to brush it off as “not a big deal,” and schedule an appointment for an adjustment at the local chiro.

A few days pass and the pain doesn’t go anywhere. 

But, you start waking up in the middle of the night. And every time you bend over or move, you feel the pain and it intensifies.

Man sits in bed, grabbing his head and hip in pain.

The day for your appointment finally comes. You talk to the doctor about your pain and all it’s preventing you from doing. 

So they decide to give you an adjustment, and you feel some instant relief…

And the appointment was only 15 minutes – thinking to yourself, “that was easy.”

You go on about your week, but unfortunately, the pain returns.

And the cycle restarts…

This is the same story so many patients have told me over the years…

Feeling trapped in an endless cycle of doctor visits – fearful of when the pain would return.

Relying on quick fixes like adjustments, injections, and traditional chiropractic for temporary pain relief, when what they really needed was a permanent solution.

A quick fix is NOT a permanent solution.

Bandaids on a blue background.

At Impulse, we DON’T do quick fixes. We DON’T treat one-appointment patients.

We offer plans of care for long-term solutions. It won’t be easy and won’t be quick. 

But it WILL be a permanent solution.

So if you want a real solution with doctors ready to go the distance with you, book a call with us.

Click here to end the cycle.