How many of you feel that you have been just treating the symptoms of your condition?  You aren’t sure what’s wrong, but overall you have just been taking Advil and stretching for your low back. You have avoided lifting overhead due to your shoulder pain.

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However, SYMPTOM RELIEF and TRUE HEALING are 2 different things.

Symptom relief may seem like the most straightforward solution, offering immediate comfort and relief from pain or discomfort. However, merely addressing the symptoms without addressing the cause can lead to a never-ending cycle of temporary fixes. Each time the symptoms reappear, you are forced to seek relief once again, without ever truly resolving the underlying issue.

Symptoms are often the body’s way of signaling that something is amiss, and by only addressing the surface-level concern, we may miss the opportunity to address the deeper imbalances or dysfunctions that require attention.

Treating the cause not only brings relief from the immediate symptoms but also prevents the recurrence of the problem. This approach not only provides a more sustainable solution but also supports overall well-being and vitality. And that is what I have experienced with my patients.

For example, when I had Jamie in the office, we talked about how she had been using advil, hamstring stretches, heat, and weekly adjustments to manage her sciatica pain for 6 years. However, it wasn’t going away.

When we found her ROOT CAUSE was the inability to control lumbar rotation, we started performing anti-rotation core exercises and her symptoms disappeared for TEN MONTHS (until she stopped doing her preventative exercises for a month, and then we got her back on track).

So I want you to think- are you treating your SYMPTOMS or are you working toward HEALING?

And be honest with yourself.

The steps we take in our office to find and treat the underlying cause of your symptoms are:

  1. Have YOU really self-reflect (you better be doing this as you read today)
  2. Have YOU seek our professional guidance (getting you to answer this email or call us!)
  3. Comprehensive evaluation (in our office BEFORE any sort of treatment)
  4. Personalized treatment plan (revolving around your root causes)
  5. Your commitment and patience (to see the plan through and commit to the necessary changes)
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