We get a lot of… “interesting” cases in our office. 

People who have come to us after trying EVERYTHING else– a revolving door of doctors visits, medication, surgeries– only to be ultimately told “Sorry, we don’t really know what’s wrong with you.”

These folks couldn’t find any answers, no matter where they looked. Or worse– their providers insinuated that it was all in their head.

This is a very discouraging experience:

To be told not only that there is no solution to your pain, but also that your doctors don’t even know why you’re in pain.

This is part of why it is so crucial to us that we find our patients’ root causes. If we sound like a broken record– that’s why. It’s important not only to our process, but to the patients we treat.

In our office, we love those weird cases. We aren’t always the right choice for everyone– after all, we don’t magically have all the answers–but we are willing to try, and for many people that is enough. Luckily, we have been able to help many of the weird cases we come across– these folks are working hard on their rehab, and getting the outcomes they never have before!

Before coming in, so many of them were at the end of their ropes.

They’d tried over and over again to find a solution that would improve their experience of daily life, but they felt they’d exhausted all the options they knew of. 

Then, they learned about our office, and what we do here. For many, they felt something they hadn’t in a long time: not pain relief, but hope

Who do you know that is at the end of their rope? A friend? Sibling? Spouse? Maybe it’s you, yourself? Whoever came to mind when you read this; send them this blog.

When you’re ready to take that step, we’re here. Let’s see how we can get you moving without limitations. 

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