When we choose to utilize a service, we often use our emotions to make our decision. Part of our emotional drive is WHY we want or need to use a service and what we will gain through the experience. However, we also consider how we will feel through the experience. Here I have listed my WHY for opening my office, in hopes to help you understand my mission and my goals for the practice and for each and every one of my patients. Please reach out to me and give me information on YOUR business’s WHY! If you do not have a WHY, please reach out to me and we can begin brainstorming for your business.

1. To be a source of empowerment for my patients through their treatment process and beyond.

2. To educate patients about the realities of their condition and their role in the process.

3. To continuously learn from specialists and create a strong community referral network for my patients.

4. To critically think in a healthcare world that is symptom and testing driven.