Let’s get your spouse taken care of.

TAKE A MOMENT: Picture the life you have for you and your spouse for the next 20 years. What does that look like?  Then continue reading.

A woman is frustrated and holds her head in her hands.

Through the last few months, I have heard several of my patients come in BECAUSE THEIR SPOUSE scheduled their appointment.

Now, in my practice, I always want to talk to the patient directly and make sure I understand THEIR goals, their mindset, their history, etc. However, when your spouse is stubborn and won’t receive help, sometimes you have to take drastic measures!

In these cases, this is what happened!!  The wives were SO TIRED of their husbands complaining, that they called, had their husband get on the phone, came with the husbands to the appointment, and even PAID FOR THEIR CARE!  (Yes, there was a husband who forced his wife to come in too- it goes both ways!)

You do things for the people you love, right?  Well, keeping them happy and healthy may seem like an easy statement, but it can often be so difficult. Taking that extra step to make an appointment, make them show up, and make them spend the money sounds pushy.


We all have a perfect vision for our lives. What activities does that include?  What places do you travel to?  For how many years can you and your significant other go for walks along the beach?

Doctors performing surgery.

If you have a picture of future doctor visits, surgeries, and years of pain, STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!  This is my encouragement to you to make sure your spouse gets the attention they need NOW for you both of you in the future.

I am here as a resource and tool to help you through this. Is it nice for you to let your spouse suffer because its what they WANT?  Or is it kinder for you to MAKE them get the help they need?

Please, send me an email if your spouse needs a push or apply for THEIR discovery visit here. And get them the help they need.

LAST THING- I know you are all tired of hearing about the KAYAKS- but I am drawing that THIS WEEK!!  So this is your last chance to call in with your spouse and get yourself in the drawing to win kayaks for your next adventure!  (Remember, anyone can refer- you do not have to be a patient!)

I am always looking for guidance on what my patients and readers need, so please reach out to me with comments/ suggestions and I can get to work on helping you directly!