How many of you have called a chiropractor because you just “needed an adjustment?”

This was how Mark reached out to us. He was “shopping around” for chiropractors, and had already tried 4 that each helped just a little bit.

Chiropractor adjusting patient.

He called us as the 5th chiropractor- and asked if he could just get an adjustment. When we asked him why he thought he needed that, he said “well if I keep going to chiropractors, one of them should be able to just fix me.”

And that was when we started to challenge him. If 4 other chiropractors’ adjustments didn’t help, why would the NEXT ONE?  And Mark was stumped. He started to ask, well what else is there?

We asked him if HE wanted to fix himself. And he said he would have no idea where to start. So we asked him- would you be open to hearing about OUR PROCESS?  We would love to show you more.

Now, like Mark, many of our patients find us this way. They ask for just an adjustment. However, when we SHOW them how much more we have to offer, they realize they NEEDED the extra help. They needed the guidance TO FIX THEMSELVES

Close up photo of someone wearing sneakers getting ready to exercise.

So Mark agreed to come in and see what this would like for him. When he started to understand what was going on with his hips, and felt relief for TWO FULL DAYS for the first time in 4 years, he realized that he did need more than just an adjustment.

Mark started working with us and has begun playing pickleball again. He thought his hip pain meant he was out of the game forever. He just needed to find treatment that worked for HIM specifically, and he found that with us.

If you think the next adjustment will just “fix you”, then we might not be the right office for you. However, if you are ready to consider something new, respond to this blog and we can see if it will work for you.

And encourage your FRIENDS AND FAMILY who need this help to call us so you can win those 2 kayaks for the fall weather that may never come.